Customer Experience

Exceed the expectations of your business and your customers

Managing a successful contact centre is hard. Customers are more demanding, new channels must be introduced, compliance standards are stricter and seamless integration with your business back-office is essential. And that’s just for starters.

New applications and technologies are emerging to help you tackle these challenges, but these can often add to the confusion and complexity. You need to unlock the value in your current contact centre systems, while plotting a path to upgrade to and integrate the latest services. And you can’t let your customer service levels drop at any point.

At Maintel, we’re contact centre experts. We help you by pulling together all these strands, so you can evolve at a pace that suits you, while remaining competitive and unlocking costs savings.

It’s all about the customer outcome today, not the technology

Maintel has delivered hundreds of contact centre solutions for customers of all shapes, sizes and industries. Our contact centre practice includes experts at designing, managing, supporting and integrating all aspects of a modern contact centre. We deliver:

These, and many more, services can be taken individually or as part of a comprehensive solution designed to match your specific needs and enhance your contact centre's performance.

A solution as unique as your business 

We are not tied to a single application, approach or platform. This means we can recommend the best technology vendors to give you a solution that’s perfectly suited to your goals, budgets and customers.

Maintain your competitive edge

With experience of implementing and supporting over 300 contact centres we see the changes as they happen. We can share our experience with you to help you build a contact centre based on the latest information about what is available and what customers' are demanding.

Our approach to your challenges

Every organisation is unique, but our general approach is to focus on five key areas which will help ensure your contact centre is supporting your organisation effectively:

  • Make sure your infrastructure is right for you
  • Implement a multi-channel strategy that’s right for your customers
  • Ensure you deliver an excellent customer experience by streamlining and optimising every interaction
  • Deploy the right tools, such as Workforce Optimisation, so that your management is in control of the contact centre
  • Work with you to build an environment that meets your compliance obligations.

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