ICON Connect

ICON Connect is a managed network service, which delivers you secure, reliable and dependable access to your essential services.





ICON Connect

Getting your traffic to where it need to be, quickly, securely and reliably

A managed network service helps you to keep your network fit for purpose. ICON Connect ensures that your network is working for your business and with ICON Connect SD-WAN it will react in real time to changes in your network. We’ll help you deliver the right connectivity, at the right cost, to the locations and users in your organisation.

All of this is supported by an availability SLA, backed up by a highly skilled and experienced engineering capability. And because your network is running smoothly and predictably, so is your business.

Remove the complexity

We use many different technologies to deliver reliable, robust networks, and then we monitor, manage and look after everything for you. Our ITIL based processes mean that we are continually learning and evolving our service to deliver the best value and ongoing capabilities that you need – and all of this is supported by an availability SLA. 

ICON Connect provides you with:

  • Flexibility – a tailored solution to meet your specific requirements, easily modified to meet changing demands

  • Resilience – in the event of a failure, your traffic is sent via an alternative route to ensure delivery

  • Continuity – we use multiple paths and multiple carriers to ensure you always have the availability you need. We use diverse routes via different carriers provides geographic separation, and thereby eliminate potential issues with physical disruption of service

  • Performance – by monitoring your network we can ensure that as your users and applications evolve your network keeps pace and continues to perform as originally designed

  • Conformance – all access is protected by secure authentication and remote access to ISO standards

  • Security – advanced security features, such as managed firewalls, content filtering, access policies and more protect you from any external penetration and disruption.

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