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Up-Coming Webinars

The team will guide you through some key questions: What is SD-WAN? How will it benefit my organisation and what should my next steps be?

Join our demo session, where together with Mitel we will delve into all aspects of the contact centre and  the  shopping experiences..

On-Demand Webinars

Are you keen to find out about more what the future of contactcentre technology looks like, and what it could do for your organisation? Join us and hear from CX experts as they explore CCaaS innovation.

This webinar recording will focus more on the secure side of how contact centre agents can work remotely, and how to implement a credible long-term home working solution for CX workers

Join Maintel’s Head of Finance & Legal, Jonathan Mobbs, Steven Goff our Cyber Security Specialist & Phil Strefford, Secure Document Specialist as they discuss advanced Secure Homeworking solutions for CX team engaged in the financial services industry.

In this short Q&A video, Maintel’s Senior Technical Consultants Mark Donovan and Phil Strefford discuss why Secure Document Management should play a keep component in your organisation’s Digital Transformation planning.

Security experts Mike Gatty, Steven Goff and Azam Anwar to discuss their individual professional thoughts on the potential data concerns and potential cyber security consequences of providing employees remote access to IT systems during the ongoing pandemic.

Tim Hiscox, Maintel’s Head of Digital Workplace sits down with Maintel’s Information Management expert Phil Strefford, to discuss a recent short survey conducted in light of the pandemic disruptions to help business response to the full potential challenges that lie ahead. 

Together with Cisco Meraki and analytics leader, Everyangle, Maintel will investigate how Cisco Meraki MV Smart Cameras with ‘Computer Vision Applications’ – technology can help retailers better understand their customer’s shopping habits, whilst ensuring they keep them, and their employees safe in-store.

Security threats are on the rise due to the pandemic disruptions and businesses adopting new working from home policies. Learn how to mitigate these risks in this home office security focused on-demand webinar.

Using Digital Deflection & Self Service to Handle Extraordinary Demand in a Crisis - Part 1

 In this two part webinar series, we will be reviewing various methods of providing self-service and using digital deflection to support customers and preserve service levels. 

Using Digital Deflection & Self Service to Handle Extraordinary Demand in a Crisis - Part 2

The second of a two part webinar series, Maintel CX experts further consider various and valuable methods of providing self-service and using digital deflection to create, deliver better customer experiences.

During the this webinar recording  you will learn how to integrate Mitel MiTeam Meetings with new or existing MiCollab configurations,them for added value and start increasing your return on investment.

In this webinar recording, hosted by Rufus Grigs our Chief Strategy Officer, we will be sharing with our Avaya customers these three key aspects of adapting to the post Coronavirus era with properly integrated and secure collaboration experiences

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