Maintel for Finance & Insurance

Thrive in a highly competitive market by increasing customer engagement, effectively complying with regulation, and driving down operational costs, all whilst keeping customer data secure.

Compelling customer experience is a key priority for finance and insurance customer organisations. Digital disruption is widespread and accelerating, customer expectations are higher than ever, and competition is fierce. Driving digital transformation can yield significant operational efficiency and customer benefits.

Staying ahead in a multi-channel world

New technology adoption has dramatically changed the banking, investment, and insurance sectors in recent years. From online trading to mobile banking, digital currencies and app proliferation, the market is faster and more complex than ever before.

Maintel delivers communications solutions that help finance and insurance organisations enhance customer interactions, increase agent efficiency, and improve workplace satisfaction whilst adhering to compliance and security regulations.

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Maintel Financial Solutions

A digital workplace is an efficient one

Our deep understanding of finance and insurance customer requirements, combined with our track record of delivering solutions to the sector, means we have the experience to design and implement the optimal blend of cost-effective technologies and services.

Protecting customer data

We help finance and insurance organisations manage their use of customer and market data, ensuring regulatory compliance and data security, so that such data can be used to gain and retain customers.

CX is the key to success

The UK finance and insurance market has never been more competitive. Customers expect to be offered the most relevant products at the very best prices and to be able to purchase with ease. They also expect subsequent interactions to be simple and available via multiple channels.

Cloud managed financial services

We combine the latest call centre technology with highly secure LAN, WAN, Cloud and managed services to make sure customers can easily engage and purchase products they need. Maintel also ensures high service availability by proactive monitoring, underpinned by a responsive service organisation focused on:

  • Improve communication and collaboration between teams, boosting productivity

  • Speed up problem escalation and resolution, bolstering customer loyalty

  • Better utilise manpower through workforce optimisation, streamlining costs

  • Improve customer service and drive cross sales, up sales and new sales

  • Attract and retain employees with the right tools and systems