AIM Rule 26 - Maintel

AIM Rule 26

Maintel Holdings Plc is the holding company for its trading subsidiaries operating in the telecommunications industry and is listed on the Alternative Investment Market of the London Stock Exchange (AIM).

The information under the sections below is disclosed in accordance with Rule 26 of the AIM Rules for Companies and was last updated on 16th September 2020.

Description of Business

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Corporate Governance

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Board of Directors

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Country of Incorporation

England and Wales


Main country of operation

United Kingdom

Articles Of Association

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Annual and Half Year Reports 

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Regulatory news

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Admission Document

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Key Advisers

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Number of AIM securities in issue

14,361,492 Ordinary shares. No shares are held in Treasury.

55.05% of AIM securities not in public hands

Names and percentage holdings of significant shareholders:

As of 15th September 2020, the Company had also been notified of the following shareholdings of 3% or more in the ordinary share capital of the Company:

Directors Number of Ordinary 1p Shares % of Issued Ordinary Shares
J D S Booth3,420,00023.81%
A J McCaffery    2,033,93214.16%
N J Taylor17,2570.12%
Ioan MacRae
M V Townsend39,5520.28%
Dan Davies1,3950.01%
A P Nabavi1980.00%
As trustees of the Maintel Share Incentive Plan (excluding directors’ holdings)66,6870.46%
J A Spens2,326,56116.20%
Chelverton Asset Management1,125,0007.83%
Herald Investment Trust Plc804,2175.60% Plc718,6145.00%
MR Riley648,9004.52%
Hargreaves Lansdown461,6793.21%
Barclays Wealth442,7033.08%

Corporate Governance

Financial Results & Shareholder Communication

Regulatory News