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Callmedia CX Now is cloud-based software integrates seamlessly into existing back-office processes and systems, and significantly improves contact centre productivity and cost to serve. Agents are armed with all the information they need to quickly and effectively handle enquiries, while managers are provided with all the metrics needed to optimise the contact centre.

In this video, our Head of Digital Workplace, Tim Hiscox provides a short but comprehensive overview of how our solutions engage people, and enable teams and collaboration tools to address remote workforce challenges across all digital touchpoints

Delivering a great customer experience is hugely important for any business in this video Derek Lewis our Head of Customer Experience gives an overview of Maintel’s Customer Experience Pillar.

Security experts Mike Gatty, Steven Goff and Azam Anwar to discuss their individual professional thoughts on the potential data concerns and potential cyber security consequences of providing employees remote access to IT systems during the ongoing pandemic.

Our Head of Secure Connectivity Mike Gatty, gives a short but detailed overview of #Maintel range of cyber security offerings that are designed to help organisations mitigate risk and reduce the attack surface.

Rob Smith Product Manager for Security and Networks looks at how by adapting to the changing nature of work and providing your homeworkers with the services and tools usually available in the office, is key to business success in today’s working environment.

CyberSecurity Sales Specialist, Steven Goff takes a brief look at the security implications of flexible working and what way of working businesses can intelligently deploy to avoid putting homeworker at risk.

Maintel’s Chief Technology Officer, Dan Davies, shares a short message on Folding@Home, a key cause that we as a organisation support.

Your document environment is a key element of your IT infrastructure  storage of documents are still fundamental requirements for your peo

Maintel’s #CTO Dan Davies attempts to shed light on the growing confusion and misinformation around ‘Which Cloud’ deployment model is best suited to fulfill your #digitaltransformation needs.

You are invited to an informative ICON #Lockdown Webinar Series from our CEO Ioan MacRae.

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