ICON Contact Chatbot

An AI-based conversational chat-bot on your website for faster, better and cheaper customer service 24×7




Improve Customer Service With Chatbots​

ICON Contact Chatbot

Maintel’s ICON Contact Chatbot provides organisations with the ability to enhance their websites, and customer service, through the use of an AI-based conversational chatbot that integrates with their existing contact centre platform.


“Enabling your customers to selfserve as and when they want to not only improves customer experience, but also improves efficiency.”

The chatbot, which utilises machine learning and Natural Language Processing technology, operates as a digital agent, allowing customers to self-serve – improving both the customer experience and business efficiency. It operates 24/7, helping extend the business hours of customer services at 30x less cost than using traditional contact centre channels.

The benefits of ICON Contact Chatbot include:

  • The technical components necessary to implement the Chatbot in your environment, including integration to your business applications.

  • Access to the central Chatbot service implemented and operated by Maintel, which provides AI and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) capabilities

  • Professional services to implement the Chatbot in the customer’s environment

  • Ongoing professional services to periodically refine the Chatbot and ensure that it is performing correctly

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