ICON Contact

ICON Contact is Maintel’s Contact Centre as a Service solution. You can choose the contact centre and UC applications you need, and then we’ll host and manage them


Anticipate your customers’ need with a flexible solution

ICON Contact delivers your telephony and contact centre infrastructure and applications with guaranteed quality and availability, on a simple cost per agent, per month.

Each ICON Contact service is designed to fit your unique goals. Whether you need the agility to respond to changing customer needs, to guarantee compliance or even just keep the costs down – ICON Contact can be shaped to suit. It’s simple, cost effective and incredibly flexible.


ICON Contact delivers:

  • A service built using our experience of delivering over 300 contact centre solutions

  • Complete multi-channel functionality – simply select the channels your customers prefer to use

  • A solution tailored to your contact centre and your customer service strategy – with the ability to include completely customised applications

  • A unified omni-channel experience, so that you can seamlessly react to your customers during interactions and adopt new channels as they do

  • Complete freedom to focus on the customer experience you deliver, rather than the management and support of your technology infrastructures. We manage it for you with assured uptime, regular service reports and reviews

  • Guaranteed availability of services and delivery of your vital applications.

We’re experts at managing your critical customer communications. But to ensure your peace of mind, we offer strict Service Level Agreements (SLA) which ensure sure your contact centre is doing exactly what you need it to do, without disruptions.

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