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Exploiting the potential of change is central to our business, and lies at the heart of how we help you transform yours.

Our professional services are designed to help you realise your business vision through the transformative power of technology. Planning, sourcing, designing and harnessing the right technology, in the right place, with the right purpose and making sure it performs when it matters. This is when a series of small incremental and purposeful changes deliver real transformation.

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From planning to project management, network architecture, training and break/fix support services, Maintel’s Support and Professional Services packages are tailored to meet your precise requirements and take you on your chosen path to transformation. We rely on the skills and expertise of Maintel people to deliver project leadership and technology excellence that empowers our customers for the long-term. 


Geared to help your business transform operational efficiencies and competitive capabilities, and to put you – the IT professional – on the top step, our professional services include Service Migration, Transformation Management & Training, Design, Technical Architecture and Project Management.

“Our highly qualified engineers, architects and project management teams support some of the largest and most demanding public sector bodies and private enterprises in the UK, with the skills and capabilities to deliver even the most complex of operations.”

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