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ICON Now is Maintel’s cloud communications service for organisations with between 100 and 1,400 employees – providing cloud telephony, unified communications, conferencing and collaboration for the modern digital workplace, with a simple subscription model.

Rapid to deploy and simple to manage, without sacrificing features and functionality. ICON Now enables organisations to be more effective and efficient through seamless communication and collaboration.


There remain very few organisations for whom their employees can all work at a fixed desk location, in a specific office all of the time, and in complete isolation from their colleagues. As organisations strive for a competitive edge, there are many questions to consider:

“How do we get the best out of our employees?”

“How do we attract and retain talent?”

“How can we ensure our employees collaborate effectively, efficiently and securely in virtual teams around our business?”

ICON Now enables organisations to enable this modern way of working flexibly and productively.




The ways we work and the places we work from are changing

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