Managed Mobile Services

At Maintel we’re experts in enterprise mobility, and help businesses of all shapes and sizes reduce travel, be more collaborative and get more done on
the go

We help organisations define, deploy and support the right mobility and flexible working strategy, going beyond the basics of coverage, devices and tariffs and combining the right devices, connectivity and management tools with the right business applications.

We then integrate all of these services into a single, fully managed solution that enables you to outsource the cost of supporting your mobile fleet and internal mobility expertise to an expert partner.

This service is fully tailored to your needs with a selection of mix-and-match service modules that allow you to outsource certain tasks while keeping others in-house if required. 

Our service desk-as-a-service, meanwhile, gives you the confidence that any issues will be addressed quickly and efficiently, focusing on end-user needs whilst ensuring compliance with your company’s mobile policy and strategy.

Mobility Services NHS

Maintel Managed Mobile Services

Key features of our managed service include:

Device lifecycle management

Complete lifecycle management of a device including purchasing, delivery, management of a hospital stock holding, advanced replacement, refurbishment for further use by another user, device decommissioning and recycling.

Inventory and connection management

We maintain an accurate inventory of mobile assets, the operational and contractual state they are in, locations and owners. We also ensure that spare devices and numbers are used where possible, rather than taking out a new connection.

Managed telephone expense management (TEM)

This is the central repository for all asset, user and billing information. All customers have self-serve access, however as part of our managed service, we can maintain and update TEM as a service.

Managed mobile device management (MDM)

For organisations unwilling to self-manage their own solution, our MDM services include selection, installation and operation of a cloud platform for unified mobile device management. We can also take over the daily administration of your existing MDM set-up –- both options give you benefit of being able to deploy, manage and secure all mobile devices centrally, regardless of type or operating system.

Service desk

Our national service desk provides a single point of contact for multiple services. The service desk is manned 24×7 and customers can report any issues with the service at any time via phone, email or web portal. All calls are logged and managed through to completion on sophisticated service management platforms, allowing detailed reporting and customer tracking of progression at every stage.

Account management

We provide ongoing day-to-day account management to ensure your service is always running as it should be. A dedicated account manager ensures all  issues are resolved quickly and efficiently, whether within Maintel, the mobile network provider or another partner.

ICON Cloud Services

Let Maintel ICON Cloud manage your infrastructure.