ICON Secure

Maintel’s ICON Secure is a managed, always-on secure internet gateway service delivered from the cloud


ICON Secure delivers an enterprise-level network managed security service incorporating a range of top-tier security features that help you identify ever-evolving security threats before they impact your business

We leverage multiple security technology layers, constantly monitored by our security experts, to maintain 24/7 vigilance against attacks. What’s more, ICON Secure seamlessly integrates into your existing IT environment.

Do you know the full extent of the security threats posed to your business?

While most businesses have cyber security firmly on their radar, the demands facing IT security teams continue to grow as cyber criminals find new and innovative ways to infiltrate your systems and data.  

What’s more, the bigger your technology estate and the more mobile your workforce, the greater your risk becomes.

We work closely with our partner Fortinet to provide best-in-class security solutions to Maintel customers with ICON Secure and our managed security services from the cloud.

Security as a Service from Maintel

By adopting a managed ‘Security as a Service’ solution, you don’t need to purchase boxes, deploy and refresh them, upgrade software or manage patches and configurations – we handle it all for you. Our service focuses on what really matters to you: protecting all internet traffic, all users and all devices.

It’s a completely flexible and scalable service that can be adjusted based on your needs. Whether it’s on a bandwidth or a per user basis, just tell us your requirements and we’ll adjust the service accordingly.

ICON Secure boasts a number of features and offers customers the ability to pick and choose the specific services they require. And you can’t secure your enterprise if you don’t have clear visibility of what’s going on, backed up by the ability to control and influence events.

ICON Secure’s comprehensive management and reporting portal allows you to easily adjust your security policies according to changes or events in your business; whenever you need to and in real-time.

ICON Secure’s broad scope of security services:

  • Range from basic security to highly sophisticated solutions
  • Have no security gaps, no security overlaps
  • Untangles the complexity created by multiple security solutions – pick and choose the services you require
  • Relieve the burden on your team and lean on our security experts
  • Possess a learn, share and adapt approach: with an adaptive UTM framework, sharing threat footprints and adapting in real-time
  • Are continually updated by our collective threat intelligence cloud service.

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