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Innovate, empower, transform: Revolutionising the Secure Home Working Environment

The world of work is changing, and more of us than ever before are now working from home. With flexible working here to stay, it’s time for businesses to develop long-term home working strategies that transform remote workers into Home Offices.  


With our software-defined Secure Homeworker portfolio, start driving increased 
business efficiencies, productivity and secure team collaboration 

Revolutionise the Homeworking Environment

Maintel’s ‘Secure Homeworker’ solution enables you to industrialise your homeworkers with a suite of services designed to boost productivity and security.

Discover how by adapting to the changing nature of work and providing your homeworkers with the services and tools usually available in the office, is key to business success in today’s working environment with Rob Smith Product Manager for Security and Networks .

Maintel delivers business grade services to the home, combining the best of Cisco’s SD-WAN solution with market leading services, ensuring excellent availability, productivity and security.  

With benefits for both employers and employees, our Secure Homeworking solution can help lower your overhead costs, improve business continuity, and enable higher productivity and efficiency. 

The Secure Homeworker Toolkit

Maintel’s Secure Homeworker solution enables you to revolutionise your home workers with a suite of services designed to boost productivity, remain connected, and work securely. 

SoHo Connect

Transform the way you work at home

Home Office

Be more productive with secure document management print, and scan and pay


Protect users and applications everywhere 

Secure Cloud

Optimise multi-cloud application performance

With so many people working from home it’s more important than ever to make sure your business is securely connected!

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During this webinar we will discuss:

– Balancing workload and managing schedules in the hybrid customer contact operation
– Leveraging digital channels to manage demand and support hybrid working
– Remaining compliant and secured in a hybrid world

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