Network Security

The Internet is critical to nearly every business. Your employees, customers, partners and suppliers rely on it to communicate. But securely connecting to the web has become more difficult.


With the boom of social media, interactive webpages and the ever-growing number of web-based collaboration and business applications – how we use the web is evolving. You need to reduce your exposure to risk, while still offering effective connectivity. This is where our managed security service ICON Secure comes in. We combine:

  • A broad portfolio of security services
  • Dedicated visibility and control mechanisms
  • An ‘always on’ approach to security
  • Comprehensive 24×7 customer support

A clean pipe service

ICON Secure provides a real-time and constantly updated managed security service which sits between your enterprise network and the internet. It protects you from external threats and intellectual property leaks – providing secure remote access to your mobile workers (home-office, road warriors).

It also helps to keep you compliant with your corporate content and access policies on web and applications.

Secure your environment and internet access

Our in-depth, multi-layered approach to securing your organisation helps us to predict, detect, alert and respond appropriately to any threats.

Port scanning and filtering (firewalling): authorise and block protocols on a port-by-port basis.

Site-to-site encryption: gateway to gateway IPSEC encryption.

DMZ: host applications and control access to them from the public internet while defending against external attacks.

Intrusion prevention: monitor, log, identify and block malicious network activity.

Anti-virus and anti-malware gateway: protection from web-borne malware attacks with our Signature based anti-malware engine, with full inbound/outbound file inspection.

Anti-spam: inbound filtering engine that blocks spam and malware before it can clog your network.

Safe search: automated filter of illegal and offensive content.

Web filtering and application control mechanism: block access to harmful or inappropriate websites and applications. Defend against phishing/pharming attacks, malware, spyware and objectionable content that can expose you to legal liability. Identify and control applications on networks and endpoints regardless of port, protocol and IP address used.

Anonymous proxy blocking: stay aligned with your Acceptable Internet Usage Policy.

Data leakage prevention: ensure users don’t send sensitive or critical information outside the network with pattern matching techniques that detect and prevent sensitive information and files passing through the network perimeter.

Remote access with two factor authentication: secure your data on the move and in the office with encryption, ensuring that data can only be accessed by authorised users. Using end users’ mobile devices as their mobile token then acts as a second layer of authentication.

Advanced threat protection (ATP): protect against zero-day and other sophisticated targeted attacks. This sandbox protection service detects, analyses and evades advanced attacks designed to bypass traditional defences (targeting specific people or functions).

Security as a service

ICON Secure is a completely flexible and scalable service that can be adjusted based on your needs. Whether it’s on a bandwidth or a per user basis, just tell us your requirements and we’ll adjust the service accordingly.

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