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Avaya Cloud Office

Everything we do relies on communication, and the way we communicate has drastically changed.

Enabling agility, functionality, and reliability with an all-in-one UC application.

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Agility and flexibility are critical in today’s business environment. Communication preferences are evolving and ever changing in line with new business demands and working practices. Avaya Cloud Office allows different users multiple preferences and the freedom and flexibility to choose what’s best for them.

The world of work has altered significantly. The ‘new normal’ for many organisations is a more distributed workforce, collaborating from any location at any time. Employees want to work from anywhere on a variety of devices, and companies must be able to constantly adapt to both changing employee and customer expectations.

Taking your business communications to the cloud can yield significant savings for your business.

Avaya Cloud Office is a new Feature Rich UCaaS Platform harnessing the power of two leading vendors (Avaya and Ring Central). It delivers calling, messaging, mobility, and video conferencing delivered with the level of reliability that customers have come to expect.

Cloud migration can be complex, but with Avaya Cloud office your system upgrades are automated, 24/7 technical support is at your fingertips, and you have easy access to in-depth consulting services.

Why Maintel?

Experts in delivering cloud and managed communication services, we are trusted advisors for our customers, creating value and enabling change through digital transformation.  Maintel can take you beyond voice communications as you know it and into a world where multi-media collaboration brings unprecedented productivity to your users and responsiveness to your customers.

Flexible, easy to use, feature rich, mobile friendly, and backed by Maintel’s support, Avaya Cloud Office simplifies your communications so you can focus on driving your business forward instead.

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