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Managing change, incorporating feedback, accurate reporting, 24/7 monitoring, platform reliability, governance and compliance are all challenges organisations face when supporting their ICT infrastructure and services.




Supporting your business-critical communications infrastructure, around the clock

The smoother the end-user experience, invariably the more complex the integration, operation, monitoring and support are behind the scenes. And with end-users demanding a secure, seamless user experience across locations and devices at all times, operational support services have never been more critical.

Maintel Support Services address these challenges with a rich matrix of service components that can be tailored to meet your unique requirements — and that evolve as your business needs change. Find out more by downloading our brochure below. 

Key support features


– Incident management: restores service as quickly as possible using established diagnostic and logical problem finding processes before applying a resolution or work around.


– Problem management: ensures incidents are managed in the most effective manner, and to a common standard, by developing problem identification, recording and avoidance strategies. Also includes measures to ensure incident rates are reduced in the long-term, including knowledge base build.


– Change management: ensures that any alterations to a solution are impact assessed, recorded and signed off with the appropriate level of authorisation.


– Release management: enables the appropriate pre-testing and controlled deployment of new or updated hardware or software components, and amendments to standard configurations.


People, Processes and Systems


Our services are designed and delivered in line with ITIL processes around incident management change management, configuration management and release management to ensure your technology is properly supported at all times.

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