Maintel Software Integration Services

Integrate your website or mobile-apps with your contact centre, providing a seamless experience for customers to either support their self-service effort, or to transfer to a live agent or chatbot.

Know what your customers need

With Customer Experience a key battleground, better integrated systems can significantly reduce the time taken to resolve customer issues, help ensure that the call or digital interaction is routed to the best possible agent, and make the most of the analytics and data to further serve customers better.

Maintel Software’s integration team can help with:

  • Integrating CX or UC systems with your CRM or other line-of-business systems – either creating tailored integrations or enhancing out-of-the-box integration plugins

  • Improve contact centre effectiveness by incorporating information held about customers in different systems when making routing decisions

  • Combining data from multiple systems to give greater insight on customer behaviour and inform better decision making

  • Integrating into voice or web-based self-service, providing support for customers trying to serve themselves.


Maintel Software has over 30 years’ experience integrating with business applications supported by a team of highly experienced software project professionals with a key focus on providing software integration services to organisations

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