Contact Centre as a Service (CCaaS)

Your contact centre must be flexible enough to adapt to new technology, processes and customer demands. 

We focus on our customers’ needs to make sure you can too

Cloud services promise to unshackle you from the limitations of ageing systems and tight budgets. But cloud contact centre applications can often disappoint. Limited functionality and an inability to tailor your customers’ experience must be balanced against the cost savings and flexibility of moving to the cloud.


As it’s a managed service, we handle the technology, integration, support and refreshes for you. It’s simple, cost effective and incredibly flexible.

“ICON Contact is different. It delivers a hosted, enterprise class Contact Centre as a Service solution that combines the flexibility of the cloud with the features of a highly capable on-premise solution.”

Delivering outcomes, not just technology


ICON Contact – Contact Centre as a Service, delivers your telephony and contact centre infrastructure and applications with guaranteed quality and availability, on a simple cost per agent, per month.


You choose the contact centre and UC applications you need, and then we host and manage them. We’ll handle the technology, integration, support and updates; you simply focus on keeping your customers happy.

ICON Contact: Contact Centre as a Service Benefits

ICON Contact can be shaped to suit you. Simply select what you need from a large suite of hosted contact centre and Unified Communications applications, and we’ll handle the management and support. 

You can tailor the service to achieve your desired business outcomes, such as having the agility to respond to changing customer needs, achieving compliance or providing a quality service at the optimum cost.

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