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Routing at the core

Callmedia enables customers to provide an outstanding experience for their customers. It helps contact centres to work better by making sure customers can communicate using the channel of their choice, that the right customer is connected to the right service agent at the right time, and that the agent has the information and the tools to deliver a great service.

At the heart of Callmedia is the ­multi-channel interaction routing engine – an industry leading routing and allocation technology that balances resources with demand and value with availability, matches channel service to expectation, and blends demand and non-demand tasks seamlessly.


Designed from the bottom-up for a multi- and omni-channel world, the interaction routing engine understands what is needed to deliver the best possible service:

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It knows your business priorities – the service levels you set by channel and by queue and by service – constantly tracking to ensure the best possible adherence against SLA.


It understands the expectations and the limitations of different channels, e.g. or that an agent may be able to handle multiple web-chats at once, that an agent handling emails or text responses can be interrupted for a voice call, or that outbound agents can be dynamically re-prioritised to handle inbound traffic if demand is there.


It provides the tools for supervisors and business leaders to understand demand, make best use of the best skills of each individual within the business, and to allow contact centre staff to collaborate together to solve customer issues.

Delivering Customer Experiences beyond the Contact Centre


Analytics are key

Callmedia puts analytics tools in the hands of the people who need it with the InsightAnyware analytics tool, enabling both real-time and historic data trends to inform management and decision making, and to feed valuable customer insight back into the business.


Channels, channels, channels

Callmedia supports all major customer interaction channels, including inbound and outbound voice, web chat, email and SMS.


Integration, integration, integration

Callmedia has a very rich set of APIs and integrations with key business applications, allowing you to integrate customer experience technology deep into your workflow for improved operations and a better customer experience.

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