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Creating great experiences  is key to all organisations in helping to win, retain and develop their customers. With Customer Experience a key differentiator in all markets – how we interact with our customers has never been more important.

Interacting with customers has never been more important, but it’s also never been so complex. Customers want to communicate over multiple channels – both traditional and digital – and often during the course of a single interaction. An engagement that starts as a web chat may escalate to a voice call, be followed up with an email and concluded with a visit to a store.

Being able to track customers across these channels and communicating effectively with them on using the right medium at the right time is key to delivering a true omni-channel experience.




Improve customer journeys

Omni-channel is about understanding your customer’s journey – not just about the technology or the channel. We will help you support your customers throughout their whole journey and lifecycle with you, allowing you to hold their hands and giving you the tools to know how best to support them at every touch-point.

We will also help you manage and develop your CX operations – helping your people deliver the best possible service and using the data from each customer interaction to give you insights that help you improve your service, your products and your overall experience.

Maintel’s deep experience in CX technology and operations can help you to deliver:

  • True omni-channel customer contact – the tools to interact on any channel and to provide the routing and reporting to ensure you always respond in the best way possible
  • Optimisation tools and consultancy – to help you to continuously improve your offer, to learn from the insights you have on your customers, and to help you ensure you always meet demand
  • Compliance with your obligations – recording and quality management tools to ensure you comply with the toughest regulatory regimes
  • Secure all your transactions – from payment process to handling of sensitive and confidential information
  • Self service – enabling your customers to serve themselves where appropriate – from AI driven chat services to Interactive Voice Response  (IVR)
  • An integrated experience for your front-line staff – embedding the communications technology with your customer data and line-of-business applications, reducing training times and making the most of every interaction

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Maintel Customer Experience Services

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You choose the contact centre and UC applications you need, and then we host and manage them. We’ll handle the technology, integration, support and updates; you simply focus on keeping your customers happy.

Callmedia Expert Contact is Maintel’s multi-channel contact centre solution. It makes contact centres work better, helping organisations be more efficient and provide higher levels of service to their customers .

Maintel Software is a growing and increasingly important part of Maintel. It is a Microsoft Gold ISV Partner, a member of the Avaya DevConnect programme and part of the Mitel Solutions Alliance.




“At Maintel, not only have we embraced the most innovative customer experience technologies available, we’ve also adjusted our delivery of solutions to ease challenges for the businesses we work with.”


Derek Lewis, Head of Customer Experience, Maintel

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