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Maintel’s cloud services make it easier and more cost effective for you to consume the technology that can transform your business.




Enabling digital transformation through the cloud

The cloud enables you to quickly and easily deliver the functionality and capabilities you require, to where you need them.

More and more organisations are embracing an increasing range of communications and productivity services in the cloud, lured by the promise of increased flexibility and commercial savings on hardware and hosting.

Why Maintel for cloud solutions?

We can help you make the most of the cloud. And with our ability to put in large amounts of dedicated, flexible bandwidth, we can help you transition to the cloud – as well. 

ICON Cloud Services

The ICON suite of managed services cover everything from telephony, unified communications, contact centres, mobile device security and connectivity – all expertly managed for you, by us.

We host the services within our own cloud, which has been designed from the outset to deliver real-time communications.

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