Pillars of Digital Transformation

Digital transformation touches all areas of a modern business. To help communicate our full range of capabilities we have aligned our products and services into three pillars – each clearly covering a specific area where digital technology can be transformational.

Rufus Grig
Chief Strategy Officer, Maintel

Digital Workplace

Make your people more effective and efficient, transforming communication and collaboration with digital workplace technology.

Customer Experience

Acquire, develop, and retain more customers by providing outstanding service and personalised, meaningful experiences.

Secure Connectivity

Maintel’s managed secure connectivity services cover you from the cloud to the desktop, from the web to your mobile devices – all kept secure and available 24/7.

Cloud Services

Maintel’s cloud services make it easier and more cost effective for you to consume the technology that can transform your business.

Managed Services

Accessing Maintel’s managed services unlock a range of benefits, including the ability to easily identify and capture new business opportunities.