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Maintel can help seamlessly migrate your existing services to an exciting new digital future.


What is happening?

BT has announced its intention to close the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) by the end of 2025.

This will impact a wide range of communications products, especially those that use Wholesale Line Rental (WLR) services.

The switch-off is sometimes referred to as WLR withdrawal, as all these products will be removed from sale by September 2023 in preparation for the move to next generation digital services.

Full-fibre is a nationwide initiative to ensure the whole of Britain has access to fast, reliable and stable connectivity.

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How will the PSTN/ISDN switch off affect me?

The PSTN/ISDN WLR Switch off will impact businesses in more ways than one, with equipment such as lift lines, alarms and CCTV, to door entry systems and ATM’s potentially affected.

Act now!

Maintel can conduct an audit of your full estate to identify which technology may be affected and devise a clear, bespoke digital roadmap to make migration seamless. Not only will this ensure your critical services continue and avoids any loss of service, but it allows you to take action before prices rise and potential fulfilment delays slow down this transition.

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Reasons to move to full fibre today

Harness the power of full fibre connectivity today and take advantage of a whole host of benefits.

Maintel can help seamlessly migrate your existing services to an exciting new digital future. To find out more, see the infographic:

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Is your business ready for the big switch off?

Don’t get caught out or lose your critical business services, its time to act. We will help you discover and audit your existing estate, define your digital roadmap and design a speedy practical plan for implementation.

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