Professional Services

Maintel has one of the largest groups of ICT professionals in Europe, and as part of the Maintel International partner network we have over 5,000 engineers covering ICT projects across the globe.



Our highly qualified engineers, architects, and project management teams support some of the largest and most demanding public sector bodies and private enterprises in the UK. Their skills and capabilities make it possible to deliver even the most complex of operations. 


A Pragmatic Approach

From planning to project management, network architecture, training and break/fix support services, Maintel’s Support and Professional Services packages are tailored to meet your precise requirements and take you on your chosen path to transformation.

Maintel Professional Services encapsulate three core areas:

+ Pre-sale – Covering all aspects of ICT requirements from data networking and telephony, through security regulations to omni-channel contact centres. In most cases Maintel pre-sales is available to Partners at no cost, Our output is designed to be incorporated in to your own customer propositions.


+ Post-sale – Focused primarily on deployment, transformation, integration and enhancements.


+ Consultancy- Working as part of your team to understand customer environments, our consultants endeavour to understand specific business goals and align technology solutions to them.

Why Maintel Professional Services?

Professional Services

Driving business transactions and customer interactions through specialist expertise and end to-end delivery, with recognised project management standards.

Our expert product specialist pre-sales team deliver high level specification documentation to suit your business requirements

From set-up through to installation and configuration, Maintel gives you
peace of mind that all services are professionally installed and configured to meet your exact business needs.

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