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Driving Financial Services Digital Transformation

Discover the benefits of a Unified Communications platform from Maintel and RingCentral

Improve customer experience and reduce cost-to-serve using cloud-based unified communication and contact centre technology from Maintel and RingCentral.

Remote working

Today’s modern workforce is often remote and needs to communicate effectively regardless of location, device or network. So, the tools and processes that underpin day-to-day operations must keep pace with their ever-evolving needs. 

Over the past year, financial services organisations have pivoted to widespread remote working and many retail banks, building societies, and insurance companies have rapidly transitioned to hybrid working models.

Digital technology adoption

However, financial services organisations have typically been slow to adopt digital technology when it comes to key processes such as bank account setup and document signing. Customer expectations for digital contact are now such that organisations must rapidly innovate or risk losing out to more digitally enabled competitors.

As customers spend more and more of their time online, it is only natural that financial services organisations will have to meet them there, offering omnichannel communications and digital alternatives to in-person banking.

How to translate unified communications and digitisation into a better customer experience

Read a recent research paper from CRN, Maintel and RingCentral.

Invest in a better client experience

In a recent survey, Forbes found that companies with highly engaged employees outperformed their competitors by 147%. Teams who are set up for success are happier and more engaged at work. Happy employees create better experiences for customers, resulting in better customer satisfaction and greater brand loyalty. Two common causes of agent dissatisfaction are communications technology failure and having to switch between applications to seek help from co-workers. 

RingCentral’s contact centre platform empowers agents with a single view of customer contact history, combined with easy access to information relevant to enquiry resolution. This improves agent satisfaction by making call handling easy and efficient.

The future of customer experience

The traditional call centre is no longer the first point of contact for a growing number of people. Contact centres are now less about diagnosing problems and more about correctly routing complex issues to agents that are equipped to handle their calls. 

The contact centre of the future represents an integrated approach to unified communications. It brings business experts and agents together, across every channel to deliver real-time customer experiences in a cloud-based, collaborative engagement model.

Maintel’s extensive experience of financial services organisations combined with RingCentral’s customer contact technology provides an omni-channel platform that brings your whole company together to service customers.

Work together, from anywhere

Employees now expect that they will have a high degree of flexibility in choosing where and when to work.

However, most of them are not set up to be successful. There are many barriers preventing effective working including poor video quality, network capacity issues and a lack of device compatibility. To remain competitive employers need to quickly respond to these challenges by embracing innovative cloud-based communications technology. 

RingCentral’s unified communications platform, combined with Maintel’s Secure Networking solution delivers unparalleled remote working flexibility, availability and productivity.

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Driving financial services digital transformation

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How to improve customer experience with unified communication technology

Explore how unified communications technology from RingCentral and Maintel are empowering the modern digital workplace to collaborate better. And why businesses are investing in the upgrade of their unified communications capabilities in our free infographic.

Digital transformation in the financial services sector

Just as the modern workforce is now often remote and flexible to geography, device and network – so too must the tools and processes that underpin our day-to-day operations.

We surveyed 138 IT professionals from both financial services and other industries in order to understand and compare the challenges and opportunities presented by digital transformation, including digitisation and unified communications.

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