COVID-19 and Secure Connectivity

It’s important to keep your business secure as Coronavirus continues to force more people to work from home 

Coronavirus and Your Business Security


“The simple fact is corporate working practices will never be the same again both during and following the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak: the percentage of remote workers will likely increase as lockdown restrictions decrease…”



Mike Gatty, Head of Secure Connectivity 

at Maintel

Secure connectivity you can rely on is critical to all business operations and has a role to play in supporting remote working at scale. Many organisations will find some systems – particularly firewalls, internet links, and remote access gateways – stretched to capacity and these will be essential to support continuing operations. 


Equally we have an increased number of remote home-workers that will require enterprise class security and high availability solutions that underpin key productivity goals while working from the home-office.

Secure Homeworker

A recent Gartner report identified that pre-pandemic a typical enterprise might have had 5,000 people working across five offices. Now, they have 5,000 mini offices in people’s homes. So, the challenge for any organisation, is how to bring an enterprise grade working environment to potentially thousands of remote locations. 


How Maintel can help: 

  • Providing an enterprise class end-user SD-WAN appliance for secure home-worker environments 
  • Providing managed business grade connectivity – FTTC or 4G into remote home-worker locations 
  • Prioritisation, management and performance visibility of key enterprise applications 
  • Flexible subscription model together with ‘zero-touch’ plug and play delivery 

Secure Remote Access

Most modern organisations have tried and tested mechanisms to enable employees to access their core applications and systems remotely. However, these will usually be based on a sub-population of the employee base attempting to access them at a given time. A significant increase in the number of remote workers will need to be planned and provisioned for. 


How Maintel can help: 

  • Advising on the capacity of firewalls, remote access gateways, Two-Factor Authentication platforms and internet-facing circuits – monitoring usage and increasing capacity if required 
  • Cyber-criminals will likely increase their activity to exploit the current situation. Maintel can help protect organisations by providing managed security services such as DNS filtering to suppress the effectiveness of Malware and phishing attacks, Two-Factor Authentication to reduce the incidence of unauthorised access to systems, and malware protection to keep laptop and mobile devices secure even when they are in employee’s homes 
  • Advising IT and security teams on how to enable voice, UC, and contact centres to securely traverse firewall and other security tools 

Protecting Data & Devices

Remote working may result in important data being cached locally on laptops and other devices which can be more at risk when not kept in secure business premises. 


How Maintel can help: 

  • Providing Mobile Device Management services to protect data at rest, remotely wipe or disable devices if they are lost or stolen and enforce data retention policies 
  • Ensuring devices receive critical security updates to keep them protected against the latest threats and vulnerabilities. 

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