COVID-19 and the Digital Workplace

Don’t let Working from home disrupt your Business Continuity. Keep productive despite Coronavirus concerns by making the most of your Digital Workplace

Digital workplace in the era of Covid-19


“We’ve helped more than 300 public sector organisations to address the growing need for digital transformation”

Ioan MacRae, CEO at Maintel

Most modern telephony and Unified Communications (UC) systems, whether cloud or on-premises, support remote working. This can be through soft-clients or soft-phones running either on laptops, tablets, or smartphones; or by using physical VPN telephone devices which connect over the internet and allow employees to work as if they were in the office. 

How Maintel can help:  

  • Assisting with configuration of your systems to support remote working 
  • Providing licences to enable soft-clients 
  • Support in configuring firewalls and other security devices to facilitate  VPN phones to function correctly 
  • Helping you produce guidance for your employees on how to get the best from their softphones on whichever devices they use 
  • In some cases, it may be more appropriate to use “twinning” or “diverting” services to route calls to employees work numbers to a home or mobile number, something we can also assist with.  

Collaboration tools include presence, instant messaging, collaboration and sharing of content and video calling. Like telephony systems, all will support remote working and can significantly enhance the remote worker’s experience and productivity. 


How Maintel can help:  

  • Helping you ensure your system is configured correctly to support remote working and that it is secure 
  • Providing licences and system expansion to increase the number of users of the collaboration tools 
  • Providing you with guidance for employees on getting the best from those tools 

Cloud-based video solutions enable teams to continue to meet virtually, to see and speak to each other, share materials, and jointly collaborate on documents and projects. 

Several Maintel technology partners have specific offers available for cloud-based meeting systems during this period of restricted personal interaction. Your account manager will be able to recommend a solution that fits well with the rest of your communications technology portfolio: 

  • Cisco has made its WebEx platform free to all users in countries where it is currently available. There are some restrictions on the level of service, but more detail is available upon enquiry  
  • Avaya is making its Spaces meeting and collaboration system available free of charge for educational and not for profit organisations worldwide  
  • Mitel is making its new meetings tool MiTeam available to customers completely free for six months again for more information contact your Account Manager 
  • Microsoft is offering its O365 Teams collaboration software free to users in a variety of ways depending on whether you are an individual or business user, and your current O365 licensing. We can assist in further developing your Teams capabilities with connectivity to enterprise voice on the public telephony network 

 How Maintel can help:  

  • For customers with on-premise or private cloud-based collaboration and meeting systems, we can check that you have sufficient capacity to meet anticipated additional demand, and provide additional capacity if required 
  • We can help you with the range of offers and discounts made available by our technology partners to support businesses through this period, as well as help you select the best suited solution  for your organisation 
  • We can help you with best practice in running remote meetings,

Many employees will make heavy use of mobile devices when working remotely for both inbound and outbound telephone calls and potentially using mobile data – either natively in the device or by tethering to a laptop – to support remote access where local broadband services may not be available or have enough capacity. 

How Maintel can help: 

  • Ensuring your tariffs and calling plans are correctly selected to support any increased call volumes, avoiding unplanned expenses and unnecessary device barring 
  • Providing additional devices and accessories to enable employees to remain effective while working remotely 

Document Solutions

Digitizing documentation and securely storing it in the cloud enables remote workers to access information anywhere and allows manual paper-based processes to be automated:

  • Securely store documentation for instant access and collaboration
  • Digitise incoming post and distribute to the appropriate recipients
  • Digitise invoices and trigger approval workflows

Along with our partners, Maintel offers cloud based solutions to take away the burden of dealing with paper and manual based business processes and replace them with a simple to use, yet secure way of accessing your valuable business information whilst away from the office.

Maintel also provides a wide range of desktop printers and scanners combined with a managed service to ensure your home workers have all the tools they need to print and digitise information.

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