Security visibility and control

Maintain security, retain control

You can’t secure your enterprise if you don’t have clear visibility of what’s going on, backed up by the ability to control and influence events.

As part of our managed ICON Secure solution, our comprehensive management and reporting portal allows you to easily adjust your security policies according to changes or events in your business; whenever you need to and in real-time.

Maintel delivers better visibility and compliance

  • Real time visibility into internet usage by user, location and application
  • Granular web app access policies across users, devices and locations
  • In-depth reporting, security analytics and investigative capabilities in a single, centralised console
  • Being able to view logs, run reports and correlate data across devices, locations and applications.

Take a look at our interactive threat map and security stats* (picture below) to see the full scope of threats facing your business. 

*Statistics are from the latest Threat Landscape Report by FortiGuard Labs, Fortinet's threat research team (based on Q1 2017).

Balance security and your business needs

Your security platform management shouldn’t be a black hole - understood by few but needed by everybody. For most, it takes a lot of effort and money to maintain and keep security aligned with your ever-changing business needs. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Power is nothing without control. We provide a role-based central portal, uniquely configured to perform your policy-based provisioning tasks and to deliver superior overall control of your network. Security management has never been easier.

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Take advantage of a centralised policy enforcement portal

  • Providing your security teams with easy centralised configuration, policy-based provisioning, update management and end-to-end network monitoring for your installation
  • Managing your entire distributed architecture from a single secure interface
  • Reducing the management burden and operational costs with fast device and agent provisioning, detailed revision tracking and thorough auditing capabilities
  • The ability to quickly create and modify policies with a consolidated, drag and drop in-view editor
  • Delineate and constrain management responsibilities by implementing role-based administration
  • Centrally control firmware upgrades and content security updates.


A security dashboard that stands up to Board level scrutiny

The Maintel ICON Secure solution includes a control panel delivering a comprehensive suite of easily customisable reports, allowing you to quickly analyse and visualise network threats, inefficiencies and usage. You can arm yourself with the information you need to quickly take the most appropriate security counter-measures.

With Maintel’s solution regularly reporting on your organisation’s security efficiency and ensuring that you’re meeting all the necessary standards and regulations is simple. By using real and meaningful information to perform your security analysis, you can always make informed recommendations on how to better tackle the ever-changing threat landscape.

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