DDoS protection

Protection and mitigation services from DDoS attacks

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are unfortunately quite simple to conduct and high profile attacks are becoming increasingly commonplace.

A DDoS attack tries to prevent a website or server from functioning by directing a large amount of requests at it (sometimes meaningless and sometimes legitimate requests). This forces the target website or server to respond, taking up small amounts of its computing resources. With enough traffic, the target’s performance will begin to suffer as it’s forced to devote increasing amounts of its capacity to dealing with the flood of requests. Load on more requests and all traffic grinds to a halt, stopped dead by this attack traffic.

Ensuring business as usual stays that way

Maintel’s DDoS mitigation service provides layers of defence through network routing, rate limiting and filtering; commonly paired with advanced network-based detection and mitigation scrubbing centre solutions.

Our mitigation approach is supported by our threat intelligence capability, offering unprecedented visibility across a global infrastructure and data correlation. This flexible managed service can detect and mitigate the daily threats to ensure business-as-usual for your employees, partners and customers. It can also be tailored to fit any business need and IT or security budget.

Our DDoS protection service cost-effectively mitigates risk posed by highly sophisticated, massive DDoS attacks using proven anomaly detection technology. Available as an ‘on demand’ or ‘always on’ solution and backed by proven SLAs, the service protects against most known forms of Layer 3 – 7 attacks.

How DDoS mitigation work?

Maintel’s DDoS service uses a number of approaches to ensure our customers stay online.

In the ‘on demand’ mode, when an attack occurs, the customer can contact Maintel Network Operations Centre to request mitigation. Alternatively, in the ‘always on’ mode internet traffic destined for your network will continually pass through scrubbing devices, providing an ‘auto mitigation’ service (up to 1Gbps of Internet maximum).

Features and benefits

Scalable solution: we’re able to support networks of any size and in any location globally, supporting any number of sites and any amount of attack traffic. As your business needs change, we can adapt your DDoS mitigation solution to fit.

Two modes available: ‘always on’ or ‘on demand’ to fit different requirements.

Carrier agnostic: we partner with the leading security vendors to give you the right solution.

Lower costs: reduce your capital outlay and save IT time and resources with a managed solution, providing a range of protection and mitigation options suitable for different budgets.

Ensuring business continuity: ensure that your website, core applications and infrastructure remain secure and available.

Simplifying IT management: eliminate ongoing monitoring and management of security systems, infrastructure, applications - free up your IT and security staff to focus on strategic projects.

Security and peace of mind: a comprehensive range of DDoS protection and mitigation solutions that can defend you against a wide range of attack types and sizes, securing your infrastructure and applications from layers 3-7.

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