Secure Connectivity: Security Services

Protecting your organisation and information against cybercrime

Keeping your business secure today offers a dual challenge. You need to firefight against ongoing security threats and keep up with the latest legislation and compliance issues affecting UK organisations.

With an increasing reliance on UC and networked tools to operate day to day, security breaches represent a major risk to your business and reputation.

Security is becoming a wider issue. With your company data now often stored outside of your office walls, the rise of cloud computing and ever more mobiles (including BYOD) accessing your network – security challenges are on the rise.

Maintel’s managed security services protect you from cyber security threats including viruses, hacking and piracy.

Protect your network

Threats to your network and communications can originate at any time, from any part of the world. Constant vigilance is required to detect and counter attacks as malware becomes harder to detect.
Using our own experts and selected security partners, we take on the security burden, ensuring your organisation is safe so that you can focus on your day job.

Maintel’s enterprise-level network security service ICON Secure incorporates a range of top tier security features that will prevent any breach or intrusion attempt on your business. Our ‘always on’ network security service maintains vigilance against attack and seamlessly integrates into your environment.

Rely on our expertise so you can better focus on your core business.

The task of managing network security can be difficult and very time consuming:

  • How do you cope with the increase of network complexity and access types?
  • What about the explosive growth in the use of web-based applications, multiplied by the number of external threats and the multitude of different network devices?

It’s challenging to dedicate the time and resource to understanding and tackling these issues – but you can’t afford not to. As your trusted security advisor, Maintel can help you define your IT security governance and processes, implement them on your behalf and then enforce your security policy on a 24x7 basis.

Use our security operations as your watchtower

Maintel’s security capabilities stop attacks before they infiltrate your environment. Our proactive security services stop threat from spreading through your IT environment. You’ll get alerts and notifications 24 hours a day, seven days a week whenever a security event affects your environment. Maintel’s real-time managed security platform lets you stay up-to-date with the latest threats or signature updates, then interrogate a cyber-threat intelligence centre to ensure you can quickly respond to the alerts that really matter.

Security, visibility and control

Without the right security controls and measurements, your staff will struggle to report on or monitor KPIs that demonstrate how effective your security is. Our services have an easy to use portal which lets you maintain control and simply update and deploy your security policies.

Through the portal you can directly control policy enforcement. You’ll also be able to produce reports and KPIs on Network Security Logging. By delivering the ability to analyse and manage a wide range of data, including security events, network traffic, web content and email, you can track the effectiveness of your security and check regulatory compliance.

Maintel’s ICON Secure managed security service helps you:

  • Reduce risk and downtime
  • Enhance threat control and prevention
  • Ease administrative overhead
  • Identify specific people and responsibilities
  • Determine escalation pathsSupport audit and compliance objectives
  • Provide incident response and recovery

Why we’re different.

Our broad scope of security services:

  • Range from basic security to highly sophisticated solutions
  • Have no security gaps, no security overlaps
  • Untangle the mess created by multiple security solutions
  • Have a learn, share and adapt approach: with an adaptive UTM framework, sharing threat footprints and adapting in real-time
  • Are continually updated by our collective threat intelligence cloud service.

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