Wide area networks

Secure, cost effective access anywhere, anytime, any device

We do more than simply connect your offices together – we connect your people to the services and applications they need, no matter where they are and no matter where they need to access - whether it's data or applications hosted in the cloud, on your premises, or in a data centre. For additional peace of mind we make sure your services always have the appropriate levels of control and security applied.

We’re experts at network design. We have strong relationships with most Tier 1 carriers in the UK and beyond; this means that we can deliver connectivity that meets your service level requirements, at a price that always offers good value.

We can’t prepare for everything, but we can prepare for anything

We don’t just provide the connections, we monitor your whole network to ensure that your people get the performance they need, wherever and whenever they need it. Unlike other connectivity providers, we take on the responsibility of ensuring the availability, health and performance of your network. This frees up time for your people to focus on what’s important to you – making your business work better.

Our Wide Area Network (WAN) services include network acceleration, intelligent routing, traffic management, application monitoring and prioritisation and security, so that your people can access business-critical services whenever they need to.

Embrace cloud services

Our WAN services portfolio includes

  • ICON Connect - our managed wide area network service
  • ICON Gateway - our managed network access service
  • ICON Cloud Connect – our managed connectivity to the key Cloud Services Providers (CSPs)

No matter which service you choose, you can connect to all Tier I carriers, the internet and all major CSPs.

By connecting your network to Maintel’s private cloud, ICON Connect also enables us to proactively monitor and guarantee performance, availability and capacity end-to-end.

If you are committed to an existing WAN supplier you can use ICON Gateway to use your existing WAN to connect to our cloud services.

For customers who are moving mission-critical applications into the cloud, ICON Cloud Connect delivers resilient, managed, secure and reliable connections into all the major CSPs. 

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