Wi-Fi and local area networks

A crucial communications building block

In addition to our wide area networking expertise, we can also help you to enhance and secure your local area and Wi-Fi networks.

For many of your people Wi-Fi is their preferred access method whether in the office, hot-desking or in a meeting room. Your visitors and customers will also expect to be able to use Wi-Fi to access the internet and their corporate networks whilst in your office – to help your business operate more effectively.

You need to offer people Wi-Fi and wired connectivity that is fast, secure and reliable. It must support both corporate and personal devices in a secure, managed environment to allow access whilst protecting your applications, information and resources.

Cost effective, right-sized Wi-Fi connectivity   

Our Wi-Fi services offer you the flexibility and security that is essential to remain competitive in today's fluid market.

With unified communications (UC), laptops, tablets and smartphones becoming ubiquitous, today’s Wi-Fi networks need to be able to cope with hundreds of devices, not just a few dozen. A single bottleneck can undo the otherwise flawless delivery of new technology or service - and your people simply won’t use Wi-Fi if it’s slow or unreliable. Let us fix it for you, and ensure that your Wi-Fi is the right size and speed to cope with today’s requirements.

Intelligent Wi-Fi networks

Wi-Fi networks need to be fast, reliable and secure providing seamless high speed connectivity whilst managing which devices gain access and provide public/guest access with the right level(s) of control. With applications, such as UC you need the flexibility to allow Wi-Fi to handle the demands of real-time voice and video. We can help evaluate the performance of your network today, implement effective applications and infrastructure helping you grow its’ capability as your needs evolve and change.

Our intelligent Wi-Fi and local area network (LAN) solutions support you with everything from the planning and implementation phases, through to ongoing management, security and support. We build our services on robust, secure and agile technologies and you can relax knowing that we have an established track record designing, delivering and managing customer networks.

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