Cloud services

Unlock the freedom of the cloud 

No matter where your applications and services are hosted, we can provide you with a direct line to them.

Whether your applications are hosted in your own comms room, Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, Google’s cloud, Maintel’s own data centres or elsewhere – we’ll connect them directly to your network. This means you’ll always have direct, uncontended, resilient high-speed access to your applications and services.

Well connected

With resilient inter-connects into most Tier 1 carriers in the UK and beyond, as well as resilient access to all major Cloud Services Providers, we can make sure your people are connected as never before. We’re experts at helping you to migrate services to the cloud and making sure you get the speed, responsiveness and reliability you need.

We provide the levels of service and access you need to run your organisation effectively. Better than simply connecting over the internet, we’ll monitor and prioritise all of the application traffic running across your network according to its importance. This means that your critical applications will always work seamlessly, reliably and - most importantly – quickly.

Well managed

Maintel’s ICON cloud and managed services go one step further. When you deploy ICON Connect, our managed network you receive a fast, secure dedicated connection to Maintel’s cloud services such as ICON Communicate and Cloud Services Providers such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services.

With a private connection, your important traffic doesn’t have to negotiate the internet at all, so you avoid contention and having to compete with every other user for bandwidth. With ICON Connect we can manage your traffic and provide you with the tools to show clearly how well your network is performing. Measuring key performance metrics and offering exacting service levels, we can make your network perform beyond expectation.

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