Networks have never played a greater part in ensuring that your organisation performs to its full potential

Whether you’re connecting your data centres to the head office, branch offices to each other, homeworkers into crucial systems or supporting your mobile workers in the field – an efficient and reliable network is the difference between business success and business failure.

Your networks purpose is to deliver data and applications to your people simply, quickly and efficiently. And it must deliver those applications securely and reliably in a smooth, user-friendly manner. In fact, a good network is one where performance is taken for granted.

Real-time, real challenge

Today more than ever the traffic on enterprise networks is real-time – be it voice or video calls, screen-sharing, instant messaging or a video cast by your Chief Executive to all hands. These real-time applications, with low tolerance of delay or errors puts networks under enormous strain meaning performance is now more important than ever before.

At Maintel, we understand that your network underpins everything your business does. It enables your colleagues to access systems, collaborate with each other, with partners and with customers; and it ensures that your transactions and critical security systems can work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Managed networking services, delivered by experts

We’ve specifically developed ICON Connect to meet these challenges. It’s our managed wide area networking service that delivers appropriate connectivity whenever it’s needed, wherever it is required. From fully diverse, high capacity fibre connections between your data centres, to managed broadband for your smaller sites and home workers ICON Connect delivers exactly what you need.

We make sure your network is focused on delivering applications to your people whilst recognising the different priorities and needs of the application and how important it is to your business.

We can support individual service levels against specific applications, helping to deliver your business continuity requirements, while providing the security needed to manage your PCI and ISO compliance requirements.

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Extensive network and connectivity capabilities

Maintel’s networking capabilities include:

  • Wide area network services with fibre or copper connectivity
  • Mobility services including 3G and 4G data connectivity as well as microwave and satellite
  • Managed support for access via public networks including public Wi-Fi and internet.

We provide enterprise grade internet and security services, enabling you to make the most of cloud services whether public (e.g. Amazon Web Services) or private, whilst protecting your business from external and internal threats.

We work with you to provide Local Area Networking (LAN) technology including managed Wi-Fi to help you meet the changing demands of your users. Whether it is to work more flexibly or use hot desks or to support bring-you-own-device policies where today’s users typically arrive with multiple devices and no fixed base.

Maintel’s network portfolio is designed to get your people and your customers connected – in the office, in the data centre and in the cloud – so that you can get on with running your business.

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