Network and communications security

Keeping you safe from the risks you can see and the ones you can't

At Maintel, security is at the heart of everything we do. We ensure that every service we deliver to you is safe from unauthorised or malicious access.

Highly accredited, highly secure

Our credentials and experience speak for themselves – we’re accredited to the highest standards, including holding the ISO27001 certification since 2006. We’re one of the few UK-based service providers to have the Government-sponsored Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation. Our people are thoroughly vetted, and many possess individual accreditations. Unlike some providers, our entire operation, including all offices and services, is accredited. Security is embedded in our processes and approach.

Our solutions are all built on ITIL, so how we implement projects and manage services in-life is fundamentally secure.

Inherently secure communications

We provide a range of security products and services. From ensuring PCI compliance in your contact centre to preventing toll fraud, our managed services are always aligned with your ISO27001 Information Security Management System and policies. We help your people to access appropriate content and resources securely, at any time.

Our networks, engineering, and systems are entirely UK-based, so data sovereignty isn’t an issue. Where we have relationships with foreign partners with controls in place, such as Safe Harbour schemes, to ensure that personal and customer data is protected.

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Proactive monitoring and management

We have a proactive approach to security. By monitoring your networks, systems, applications and service 24x7 from our Network and Security Operations Centre, we ensure that they continue to work reliably and predictably, no matter what.

Maintel helps you to deliver more reliable, more secure services to your stakeholders.

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