Skype for Business

Skype for Business: the time is now

Skype for Business: the time is now

Skype for Business is the hottest and most disruptive unified communications solution to hit the market in recent years, and has proven itself more than fit for purpose as business of all shapes and sizes get on board.

Our experience of helping customers streamline, simplify and secure their communications solutions sees us meet common questions and concerns around Skype4B:

  • Why are so many businesses making the move to Skype4B?
  • What are the major benefits of including Skype4B as part of your UC solution?
  • How is Skype4B best implemented for my business?

In Maintel’s latest expert guide, we delve into why Skype4B is taking enterprises by storm, and how you can leverage one of UC’s biggest players to drive team collaboration and productivity in your organisation.

Skype for Business: the time is now
Skype4B: know your options

Skype4B: know your options

A move to Skype4B is often more than a straightforward rip and replace mission – especially if you’re looking to integrate it with your existing systems. So what key considerations should you be putting front and centre?

In our guide Skype for Business: officially fit for business, we track the rise of Skype4B, dig into its key capabilities and highlight four potential implementation approaches for your organisation to consider.

Read our essential Skype4B guide to find answers to all your burning questions:

  • What is Skype4B, and how does it differ from Lync and consumer Skype?
  • Can I be confident that Skype4B is a credible UC solution and capable of adequately replacing my existing IP telephony system?
  • How does Skype4B affect my communications plans, and what are my options for ignoring, adopting or fully transitioning to Skype4B?

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Skype for Business the Maintel way

Skype for Business the Maintel way

Implementing Skype4B offers real opportunities for business improvement, eliminating the obstacles to clear and effective communication for:

  • Faster decision making
  • Greater productivity
  • Improved collaboration 

For IT the benefits are equally compelling: Skype4B offers a highly secure and reliable system that integrates with existing tools and systems. It also brings easier management, lower cost of ownership, smoother deployment and migration and greater choice and flexibility.

Skype4B is more than a simple instant messaging application – it involves a range of technologies including real-time communications such as voice and video. Don’t take your communication infrastructure for granted – work with Maintel and our communications expertise will ensure you get the best out of Skype for Business. To discuss how Maintel can help your business, please contact us on +44 (0)344 871 1122. 

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Skype for Business the Maintel way