Self-service and IVR

Smooth, seamless, satisfying

Good self-service enhances your customers’ experience and deliver considerable savings in money and the resources you need to service your customers. But when it goes wrong, it can seriously affect your relationships with your customers.

Today, more people are willing to self-serve. But they want to choose when and how they do so; not be forced down a path. It’s something you simply have to get right.

With developing web, voice and mobile technologies, self-service is becoming increasingly sophisticated. You need to find the right balance to keep costs down, without reducing the level of customer service you deliver.

It’s important that you work with a partner that understands the breadth of solutions available to you and how to effectively implement them in your contact centre.

Anticipate your customer needs 

We can work with you to understand the customer experience you need to deliver:

  1. What tasks do customers’ want to handle themselves?
  2. What simple tasks currently handled by your agents might more efficiently be offered as a self-service option?

We then develop technology solutions to enhance the interactions you want to have with your customers; making them smoother, more seamless and more satisfying. As an independent provider, we use industry leading technologies and offer a broad range of self-service solutions. We can help you with anything from integrating with your payment systems to automating post-call customer feedback questionnaires.

By working with Maintel, you’ll be able to offer self–service solutions that deliver the usability customers demand, with cost efficiencies that you need.

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