Omni-channel contact

React to changes in the way your customers communicate

Interacting with your customers has never been more complicated. A single interaction can now involve multiple channels. Someone may start a web chat, escalates it to a voice call, then follow up by email.

Your agents must be able to track your customers across these different channels and communicate effectively throughout this omni-channel interaction. This means agents having the skills to use different channels and an integrated system which offers the right information at the right time, so the customers don’t have to repeat themselves.

But how can your upgrade from your current systems to a fully integrated platform that lets you empower your agents and deliver a seamless, consistent, omni-channel customer experience? We have over 15 years’ experience of delivering outstanding multi-channel contact centres and the knowledge to help you take your customers on a omni-channel journey.

Six ways technology can improve the contact centre

Improve customer journeys

Omni-channel is about understanding your customer’s journey, not just about implementing new technology or channels. We deploy multi-channel platforms that allow you to hold your customers hands as they change channels. Omni-channel means having one conversation with your customer and knowing what they want and what they like every time you interact with them.

Better resource management

Getting the most out of your resources is vital for any contact centre – and your agents are your biggest investment. We can help you manage and boost your resources by blending your agents across different channels, when one channel becomes busy you can automatically handover interactions to agents focused on a quieter area.

We can also automatically move your resources to priority queues, regardless of media when things get busy. This helps satisfy your customers with fewer dropped calls and the ability to meet your service level agreements.

By making better use of your valuable resources, you can improve customer satisfaction (lower wait times and speedier resolution) and reduce your costs.

A single view of the contact centre       

You need to have a clear view of performance to manage your contact centre effectively, but trying to pull together vital information from multiple channels can be arduous and fragmented.

We deliver a single platform that captures the key information regardless of the channels you are using. Our contact centres solutions let you see the full picture, arming you to make the best management decisions and ensuring the overall effectiveness of your contact centre.

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