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n recent years, virtual assistants via voice-activated services have become increasingly popular, with the invention of services such as SIRI, Alexa, and Google Assistant.




"Virtual channels are of growing importance to businesses."

Whilst the future of voice assistants lies in being able to help consumers with everyday tasks like banking, purchasing products online, and children’s homework, the introduction of this technology has been met with some reluctance. Maintel commissioned research to evaluate consumer appetite for engaging with these voice assistants against how prepared businesses are to roll out the technology nationwide.


The research revealed that British consumers are deeply divided in their opinion of virtual assistants, with a lack of trust and security fears emerging as the defining issues. 

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To ensure the growth and success of the channel, businesses will need a deeper understanding of why this trust gap exists and what they can do to bridge the gulf. It is this effort that will likely define what innovations are made to these channels in the coming years. Networks and manufacturers, you can rest assured the advice we give is totally unbiased.

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