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Vulnerability Scanning as a Service

Keeping on top of security flaws and cybersecurity concerns is a priority for any business but doing so accurately and regularly isn’t always as easy as it sounds.  

That’s where vulnerability testing comes in handy: carry out regular scans to identify vulnerabilities within your organisation that – if left unchecked – could become significant business risks. 

In the video below Steven Goff, Cyber Security Specialist at Maintel, and James Nelson of security scanning platform, AppChecksit down to discuss key considerations for vulnerability testing strategies. Hear what they have to say:  

Topics covered in the video include:  

  • Where are the biggest threats to organisations? 
  • With businesses Cloud adoptions, outsourcing Websites, Computer, Infrastructure etc.  Is it still important to scan the outsourcer? 
  • What’s the difference between Web app testing and infrastructure testing and why do we need to do both? 
  • The Challenges that Vulnerability management presents to organisations 
  • What are the emerging trends in testing? 

AppCheck at Queens University Belfast

“The main benefit of Appcheck for us is the speed with which we can spin up a test. 

The application compares well with manual testing and indeed has found significant vulnerabilities

on a number of occasions. The reports are well structured and ready for presentation to senior management with minimal editing.”

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Keen to learn more about vulnerability management and testing could do for your organisation? Get in touch and benefit from a free vulnerability assessment and report, that includes one URL/Domain and up to external IP’s.

  • Compare against any existing testing strategy you may be running to see if it finds additional vulnerabilities 

  • To test an outsourcer to see if they are meeting the contractual patch management SLA’s as it’s your responsibility to check


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