Secure Home Working

Maximising benefit and reducing risks in the new world of hybrid working 

Transform the way you work at home

2020 was a year full of many unexpected changes and unprecedented accelerations in workplace transformation. For many of us, we did our best to adapt to the requirements of an increasingly remote workforce and put in place strategies to support the move to home offices. 

However, the world of work continues to change, and flexible working is indeed here to stay. And although we’ve done our utmost to ensure home offices are secure and efficient, businesses will need to focus on long-term strategy. 

You may be wondering where to start? We have some insightful resources to help you ensure you remain as secure and productive as possible. 


Review your current home office environment against those of your on-site office environment and compare using our helpful infographic. Are there hidden security and productivity threats that you haven’t accounted for?  


Learn more about how to maximise the benefits and reduce the risks of the new hybrid workplace with our Secure Home Working overview. Considering seven hidden challenges home workers may face, we review how to strike the right balance between security, productivity, and availability.  


Transform simply ‘working from home’ into a productive home office environment. Regardless of your role, there are key productivity, security, and availability issueto be mindful of. Utilise our top tips guide to help you develop and maintain a full home office environment 

Experts in delivering cloud and managed communication services, we are trusted advisors for our customers, creating value and enabling change through digital transformation.  

Our Secure Homeworker Solution utilises world renowned Cisco technology. Maintel holds the highest levels of accreditation with Cisco; both the coveted Gold partner status and Master level as a Managed Service Provider.  

We hold advanced specialisms across Cisco’s technology portfolio with full accreditation in enterprise Networking, security, collaboration and Data Centre. Maintel’s Master status as a Cloud and Managed Service Provider covers our WAN and SD-WAN services from ICON Connect. 

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