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Maintel’s managed secure connectivity services cover you from the cloud to the desktop, from the web to your mobile devices – all kept secure and available 24/7.

Today’s employees place demands on networks that have never been seen before.

Accessing applications and data from multiple clouds both public and private and still needing ultra-secure access to data centres. 

And the need for all this access to be secure has never been greater – as regulation increases to keep pace with cyber threats and the value of data rises, providing employees and businesses with the flexibility and agility they need while maintaining the security that’s essential is a tough ask for any CIO.

Identify your risks and stop attacks before they happen

While our employees are increasingly using our networks to connect to cloud services, we are also seeing a rapid rise in the number of connected devices. Laptop computers are joined by smartphones and tablets in wanting reliable access to networks and applications.

And machines are increasingly interconnected as the Internet of Things proliferates – connecting building management, environmental and security devices, collaboration hubs and wearable technologies with both the benefits and potential risk that brings with it. As devices proliferate, the need to manage networks securely and simply becomes even more important.


Managed Cyber Security

With the age of digital transformation comes cloud adoption and SaaS offerings that move key business assets outside of the traditional network perimeter.

Whilst Digital Transformation has countless benefits for businesses, we must remain conscious of the cyber risks associated with cloud adoption, numerous devices and increased mobility. Maintel has a total range of cyber security offerings that are designed to help organisations mitigate risk and reduce the attack surface.


Managed Cybersecurity Services

Seamless, Reliable, Secure

Our secure connectivity services will enable you to offer managed, software-defined networks that: 

  • Connect your HQ, branch locations, data centres, and remote workers securely and reliably to each other, to the internet and to the cloud.

  • Deliver unrivaled application experience for your employees and visitors on your premises providing outstanding performance for the most demanding of applications.

  • Secure your data, your applications, your systems, and your devices at all times – wherever they are located.

Safeguarding your business IT environment

Data Security system Shield Protection Verification

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Insight Secure

Discover the potential vulnerabilities present in your organisation, and receive guidance on how to resolve them.


Network Security

Our network security service focuses on what really matters to you: protecting all internet traffic, users and devices around the clock.



With applications and data moving to the cloud, users demanding access from multiple devices and increased security threats, it is essential that we can collaborate securely, from anywhere and at any time.

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