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Managed print services and document management solutions from an 
award-winning cloud technology business.

Productive, connected, empowered people are essential to the success of any organisation – all businesses need to provide their staff with a digital workplace to ensure they can be effective wherever and whenever needed.

A rapidly changing technological, political and environmental landscape means that businesses must be agile and flexible – reacting to opportunity quickly, making informed decisions fast and enabling their people to get the most out of themselves and each other through collaboration.

Take control, unlock savings and create efficiencies with your document solution

Your document environment is a key element of your IT infrastructure and capturing, processing, storage, and distribution of documents are still fundamental requirements for your people. By taking control of your document environment you can deliver real benefits – making your people more effective, helping to unlock operational savings and becoming more environmentally friendly.

Maintel’s blend of hardware, software and services will help you deliver value across all aspects of the document lifecycle. For example, we can help you to:

  • Eliminate print and sprint, improve security and avoid waste by giving everyone a personal print queue with print card or pin numbers for secure printing
  • Improve productivity by giving roaming workers follow me or mobile printing functionality
  • Let your people access or store files securely and with an audit trail via electronic document management
  • Automate lengthy manual processes like invoice processing or mailrooms through document scan, capture and distribution services.

Transform a business expense into a business benefit

Our expert consultants will work with you to understand your needs and then create a strategy to fit. Then we’ll help to implement and support your solution. Our document solutions include:

  • Managed print services

  • Document management

  • Business process automation

  • Support and maintenance

  • Cloud Capabilities and Services

Whatever your organisations size or distribution, Maintel’s managed services deliver tailored solutions built around your information processes and your business challenges. Our managed services combine a range of hardware, software, cloud services, consumables and support services – expertly managed by Maintel..

We can help you to match the most appropriate products and services to the needs of different functions and departments in your business.


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