Document Management

Searching for documents is a common time waster that derails your people’s productivity.


Whether it’s a paper record that requires physical storage and retrieval or an electronic document that you either can’t find or are locked out of editing because it’s been left open on a colleague’s laptop – these are daily frustrations for your staff and could negatively affect your performance or customer service.

Transform your document processes

We deliver scalable electronic document management solutions that can transform your processes and eliminate this wasted time and inefficiency. Documents can be imported electronically from your software, emails imported and paper documents rapidly scanned in.

Once within the safety of the central storage system, they can be routed between users, processed, classified, audited and securely stored.

The speed with which you can find any document will revolutionise your efficiency. No more time wasted attempting to retrieve documents, and no money wasted due to the cost of mis-filing or outright document loss.

Save time, money and space

Our document management solutions have a simple user friendly interface. It’s quick and easy to use so your business can rapidly see the benefits, including:

  • Save time: all your documents instantly at your fingertips
  • Save money: slash hidden costs with enhanced efficiencies
  • Save storage: reduce paperwork and filing
  • Enhanced customer service: quick access means better service all round
  • Peace of mind: know that you never need lose another document
  • Enhanced document distribution: share documents in a controlled fashion, keep tabs on processes and minimise delays
  • Disaster recovery: a central document repository is easily backed up and forms a key strand in your disaster recovery strategy