Business Process Automation

Invoicing processing keeps the cash flowing through your business. But your finance department is often hampered by manual, document heavy processes which leave your skilled professionals handling repetitive, unskilled tasks when their time and effort could be better spent.


What’s more, a significant number are unable to find information quickly – or even at all, leading to compliance concerns, poor audit trails, disputes, inefficiency and potentially late payments and penalties. We can help you to tackle these challenges cost effectively and often utilising your existing document solution estate.

Enhance, automate and streamline your invoice processing and payment

With the tight management of cash flow critical, Accounts Payable is often identified as a key area where you can improve your processes. And this can be achieved through innovative use of print and scanning technology that’s already sitting underutilised in your organisation.

50% faster than manual processing

Maintel’s Invoice Processing solution automates your invoice receipt, validation and approval workflow and allows you to process invoices up to 50% faster.

  • Scan paper invoices or import electronic documents
  • Validate the data extracted automatically
  • Export invoices, attachments and accounting data into any system (e.g. ERP)
  • We help you to solve the unique challenges facing your Finance department and we will work with you to help you to:
  • Reduce AP processing costs – improve speed, reduce late payments and disputes
  • Process invoices up to 50% faster – reduce manual data entry time and improve accuracy resulting in fewer discrepancies and happier staff
  • Enhance compliance – quick, easy retrieval of accounts payable documentation for audit purposes
  • Streamline processes and workflow – automate approvals process, match invoices against POs and kick start the payment process
  • Swift implementation – often in five days or less.

From invoice scanning right through to archiving, invoices are processed quickly, efficiently and automatically. Errors are flagged and invoices are linked to purchase orders and delivery notes before being sent for authorisation, while reporting options put you in control.