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Contact Centre Assistant Suite (CCAS)

Your customers are changing – they are better
informed, more discerning, and less willing to
accept the status quo.

Unique solutions to meet your challenges

Your agents are your most important resource in delivering a high quality customer experience, and you must ensure they are equipped with the right tools to provide an excellent level of service in every interaction.


Contact Centre Assistance Suite (CCAS) brings together a range of applications that enhance the performance of your Avaya Elite contact centre and your customer interactions. 

Contact Centre Automation is a Key Component of Consistent Customer Service

“We have a dedicated development and integration team who are highly experienced and accredited with leading technology vendors, across all aspects of the contact centre.”


Making contact centres work better and reducing your costs


It’s often difficult to ensure agents are communicating effectively with your customers because of the complexity of the tools they use. CCAS is built to meet this challenge. The intuitive, time saving agent toolbar enables users to complete common tasks on one centralised, accessible location – helping to save time and streamline customer interactions.


Anticipating Your Customer's Future Needs

By utilising industry-leading call and other media routing algorithms, you can achieve higher levels of service without increasing costs. 

The Contact Centre Assistance Suite (CCAS) enables you to offer a more personalised service by understanding the context in which the call, email or other interaction is taking place, and ensuring that the best agent is allocated a particular interaction.  

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