SD-WAN ….Its time has come - Maintel Webinar

Maintel’s Rufus Grig, Chief Strategy Officer, shares an overview of SDWAN, Looks at why you should consider SDWAN, & the inherent benefits of deploying SD-WAN for your enterprise in this on-demand webinar

According to industry – 55% of all enterprise customers will make a buying decision in 2020 related to SD-WAN

Rufus Grig the Chief Strategy Officer for Maintel hosts a panel which includes; Paul David – SD WAN lead for UKI, Cisco, Mike Gatty – Head of Secured Connectivity, Maintel and Nick O’Neill –,Principal Engineer (CCIE), Maintel.

The webinar session discusses the following;

•What is and what isn’t SD-WAN
•Key enterprise use cases
•Cisco SD-WAN key benefits
•SD-WAN market runners and riders
•Why Maintel chose Cisco SD-WAN
•Customer deployment choices
•The underlay is critical
•Next steps in deploying SD-WAN

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Rufus Grig 

Chief Strategy Officer 


Mike Gatty 

Head of Secure Connectivity 

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