White paper

Six things to avoid when selecting a UCaaS provider

With a wide variety of cloud UC options available, it’s hard for CIOs to pick the right solution - here we highlight six things to avoid when selecting a UCaaS provider.

1. Avoid technology lock-in – technologies and customers will evolve, make sure you can too

2. Avoid inflexible payment models – this isn’t simply a Capex vs Opex debate

3. Avoiding managing multiple SLAs – don’t end up refereeing a fight between your suppliers

4. Avoid writing off existing investment – your existing handsets or IP telephony licenses might have value to your organisation, don’t write them off unnecessarily

5. Avoid taking risks with compliance and security – check credentials and don’t compromise!

6. Avoid keeping your UC in solitary confinement – UC integration with your essential apps and infrastructure is vital for productivity and performance.