Case study - Biffa

Biffa Waste Services Ltd, the leading UK waste management company, has chosen Maintel to provide a ground-breaking unified communications contract. Maintel is consolidating all of Biffa’s communications services into one fully managed service, significantly reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) over the three year contract term.


Biffa Waste Services Ltd. is the leading UK waste and recycling management company. With over 6,500 employees working across the UK in a variety of fixed and mobile conditions, from contact centres to remote portacabins to one of the company’s 2,000+ trucks, Biffa’s communications requirements are particularly complex. Couple this complexity with the company’s ambitions to use technology to revolutionise the way it serves its customers at every point of delivery, and Biffa is a company that demands the very best telecoms service available. 


The Maintel solution consisted of a number of key elements to meet Biffa’s brief:

Wide Area Network (WAN): Using Maintel’s innovative Intelligent Cloud Optimised Network platform, Biffa would benefit from a resilient network across 200 UK sites, forming the infrastructure backbone to implement the company’s unified communications environment.

Enterprise Mobility: 4,500 mobiles would be managed by Maintel using the O2 network. Biffa would also take advantage of a cost effective mobile tariff that allows for free ‘on-net’ calls for mobile-to-mobile calls, as well as fixed lines to mobile. The mobile solution would also be tightly integrated with the Avaya contact centre platform, allowing Biffa to adopt a ‘right device strategy’ to provide a consistent telephony experience, regardless of whether the person is using a fixed phone or a mobile device.

Contact Centre: Biffa’s contact centre is absolutely fundamental to the way the company serves its customers. Maintel deployed a centralised, hosted Avaya solution integrated with Maintels’ Callmedia multi-channel application. The virtualised solution allows Biffa to interact with customers across a number of communication methods from email to social media to phone, all while keeping a consistent and joined-up picture of the customer. Callmedia’s extensive call routing capabilities could also be implemented to ensure that the most appropriately skilled agent is matched to the customer in real-time, regardless of their location.


The unified communications solution designed and managed by Maintel has significantly simplified Biffa’s complex communications infrastructure, which previously involved multiple technologies from different providers. By consolidating the services under one supplier, Biffa has gained from overall improved network performance, more innovative ways to serve its customers, and a more consistent level of service throughout, all while significantly lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).

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