Press Release

Maintel Scoops O2 Digital Excellence Award 2015

Maintel is very proud to announce it has won O2’s Award for Digital Excellence for 2015, as part of O2’s new Direct Partner Network.

The Digital Excellence Award recognises digital expertise and is part of O2’s new approach to reward its partners’ capabilities in delivering world-class customer support and expertise.

Maintel’s Network Solutions Director Chris Daffin says: “As a business we’ve always focused on adding real value and delivering excellent customer experience, and this award is another great example of both. Mobile services are just one part of our expansive service portfolio and are so much more today than simply providing mobile airtime contracts.

The O2 Digital Award recognises our expertise beyond simple mobile services where we are helping clients to drive improvements in productivity and flexibility through tools such as Office365, Box and Intune and though integration with their fixed line and UC platforms”. Maintel has its own in-house Digital Advisors to help customers make the most of the new digital services available from all our mobile network partners with the best possible commercials.